Psychologency is an IT company for remote work with the most generous and supportive culture. We are a team of like-minded people who share their knowledge and experience with each other, work hard to achieve our goals and help others do the same. We believe that everyone can be successful if they want it enough
Work-life balance with flexible schedule
Competitive salaries that will change your life for good
Growing team
Remote work
Psychologency is a company that helps people develop their minds and grow as human beings. We offer chat-based counseling and coaching services, and training programs so our clients can learn to cope better with life's challenges. Our team of advisors are bonded by their passion for helping others change their lives for the better through counseling.
Average salary of 750 EUR with bonuses
Years experience in IT industry
Motivated individuals
Average salary of 750 EUR and beyond
Start and grow your income with us! We don't have any limits or ceilings, so you'll never run out of opportunities to grow! Plus we offer bonuses as incentives for success along the way. It's a great time to join our team right now because there are many perks available only when working alongside other motivated individuals like yourself who want nothing but an amazing experience doing what they love most (and get paid too).
Just start your own income stream and see how it grows with time!
Flexible schedule
Flexible work schedules are the best way to maximize your productivity, and get more quality hours in! You can choose from different shifts: Daytime, Evening or Night Time.

You have tons of flexibility when it comes time for choosing what days/nights will suit your needs.
You are in control of how things turn out with our team on your side, so let us know if you have any ideas or thoughts for improvement! We believe all our employees should feel empowered by being involved in the process of improvement and growth. Let's take some time together brainstorming ways that will make us stronger as a team!
Be a decision
We know that you don't have time to find your customer, so we'll do the hard work for you! Plus our chat based counseling means you could turn off your camera and secure your privacy.
We are not bride agency or webcam
Flexible work schedules are the best way to maximize your productivity, and get more quality hours in! You can choose from different shifts: Daytime, Evening or Night Time.

You have tons of flexibility when it comes time for choosing what days/nights will suit your needs.
No previous experience required
Find your opportunity here
Find your opportunity here
– Excellent communication and writing skills
– Being able to quickly and clearly convey your thoughts
– 8hr daily
– Reliable Internet connection
– An advanced or higher English, Spanish or Portuguese level is required
– Ready to learn and be patient
Online chat manager (full-time)
– Knowledge in Astrology, tarot, numerology, psychology, sexology and other similar topics
– Excellent listening and wrting skills so your customer feel valued on an emotional level
– Good communicator
– 8hr daily
– Reliable Internet connection
– An advanced or higher English level is required
– Ready to learn and be patient
Counselor (full-time)
What qualities do you need to have in order to work with us?
Our goal is helping people with their problems. So, as a manager or a counselor you need to be an insightful listener who is patient, empathetic and emotionally intelligent. It's important to make your clients feel accepted and create a safe place and a non-judgemental environment for them. We respect our clients in order to impact change or guide them towards making the right choices.

You should have some ability to evaluate different personalities as well as strong interpersonal skills. Our co-workers relate well with people who come from different backgrounds, diverse cultures and geographic locations.
Is it possible to select a fixed work schedule?
We have different shifts available (we have limited openings in each shift every month, so apply now). But it is important to choose a fixed work schedule so that you can stick with the one that works best for your lifestyle. We require our employees to pick from available schedules and plan their day accordingly, not just show up but also have an idea about what they are going to do each day beforehand in order to stay productive throughout it all!

In some cases, you may have to work hours that don't fit with your current schedule.

Furthermore, taking a counselor position allows you to have a more flexible work schedule than other positions and may allow negotiations on schedules once hired.
How do I get clients?
You don't have to worry about finding new clients. Our customer service and marketing team is working hard for you, bringing the right people who need help. That’s why you can stay focused on counseling and providing support for your current clients.
What is the time commitment of being a counselor?
You’re expected to work full-time (40-hour work week) or you can pick a 32-hour work week in case you choose the weekend schedule.
How are we different from webcams and bride agencies?
We provide many benefits over bride agencies or webcams.
- you DON’T need to worry about looking for clients on your own
- you will NEVER compete with other employees for clients
- keep your private life safe because we DON’T have video chats to expose your privacy
- we value diversity and are seeking the best applicants for this position. NO gender or racial preferences here!
- you will never get bored with your clients. There is always someone who needs your help!

We are the TEAM that helps each other provide better service to people who need help with life situations!
Will I have a paid or unpaid internship?
The first day of your training will be your first day of pay, and you'll get paid throughout your internship. In addition to being paid hourly like most jobs in IT companies we also pay based on productivity which means if you perform well - you will receive an additional payment just after internship.
Is it possible to combine study with a job?
Based on our experience, it is possible in some cases but exceedingly difficult. We ask you to work 8 hours daily and it might interfere with full-time education or other full time jobs. Besides, you will be less likely to focus exclusively on the job which could lead to burnout quicker.
I know you're very busy and you've been helping a lot of broken hearts everyday, even though you may have your own problems, but you're still helping people. I want you to know I appreciate you you have a super kind and big heart and you're the best. if you've ever need someone to talk to don't forget you have a friend. it's me :) ❤️
I truly appreciate and believe in him! He not only was 110% dead on in a lot of things but I honestly believe his insight and help will not only help me starting now!... but will also fortify my actions which I'm positive will be an amazingly awesome outcome in the end. I will come back and do this with him again as soon as I need more great advice.
Beautiful soul. Sweet and genuine. Great advise and immediately picked up on a feeling my poi had that I gave her no clue about
I Love You Soo much for ur answers You are A Gem Thanks For Always reducing my stress May God Give U Many Clients and More Success I will wish good Things for u ❤️❤️
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